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Based on the DIR® model developed by Dr. Stanley Greenspan his colleagues, DIR Floortime (Play Therapy) is an intervention used to promote an individual’s development through a playful, engaging, and fun process. Using the power of human connections and relationships, Ascend Beyond Pediatric and Family Therapy strives to promote positive behaviors, communication, thinking, and engagement.

In-Home DIR Floortime/Play Therapy can be used to care for individuals with developmental challenges and other related conditions, as well as for those on the autism spectrum.

Floortime focuses on six key milestones to promote emotional and intellectual development, namely:

  • Emotional Ideas
  • Emotional thinking
  • Engagement
  • Shared Attention
  • Two-way purposeful interaction (with gestures)
  • Two-way purposeful problem-solving interaction

Floortime occurs in a calm environment – it can be done at home or in a professional setting. It also includes training for parents and caregivers, as well as promoting interaction with the child. Duration of each therapy session may vary.

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