In response to COVID-19’s stay at home order, we are now offering a strategic and effective telehealth curriculum via zoom video call sessions, called:


Who qualifies for this program? Any family/child:

  1. In the infant development program services through IRC
  2. Requiring high quality and effective early start services
  3. With an available caregiver to participate in the ready, set, grow curriculum

Ascend Beyond Pediatric and Family Therapy’s state of the art, 12 phase Tele-Health curriculum will enable consumers to continue to make progress on their goals and empower families!

Be the reason a child continues
to thrive during COVID-19 Lock Down
Make a Difference, Learn More:

Let’s work together to make a difference for a child.

Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about our telehealth (virtual) Ready, Set, Grow Curriculum Program.
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