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Our in-home infant development program at Ascend Beyond Pediatric and Family Therapy provides one-on-one play-based services for children from birth to 3 years old who are at risk or have developmental delays. It is a family-centered treatment approach which takes place in the child’s natural environment and helps strengthen their development in 6 developmental domains: Communication, Adaptive/Self-Help, Fine Motor, Gross Motor, Cognitive, and Social-Emotional.

The key features of our In-Home Infant Development Program include:

  • Specifically tailored for children ages 0 to 3
  • Sensory-based approach to learning and skills development
  • Focus on skills development in cognition, fine motor, gross motor, expressive language, receptive language, adaptive/life skills and social skills
  • Enjoyable play-based approach
  • Help within the home setting
  • Inspired by play therapy and mental health interventions
  • Collaborate with parents and caregivers to create goals and treatment plan
  • Offer flexible schedules
  • Encourage community integration and social opportunities

Our team can also help parents and caregivers in developing and implementing visual schedules, setting limits, and being consistent.


Our team is ready to answer your inquiries and concerns. Get in touch with us at 909-529-6139 for assistance.

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