Benefits of Playtime for Children


Ah, playtime. It is one of the best means of entertainment for children. But did you know that letting your child engage in play does more than just keep them entertained? Yes! It can also be a means of learning and exploration for kids, making it essential for children’s growing minds.

Aside from this, here are other benefits of playtime for children, according to behavioral health professionals in California:

  • It Keeps Stress at Bay.

    Letting your child play produces happy hormones such as dopamine and serotonin, which induce joy and enjoyment and effectively keeps stress at bay.

  • It Encourages Social Interaction.

    Letting your child engage in playtime allows them to interact and socialize with other kids and people. This enables them to hone their social skills and learn important life values such as teamwork, camaraderie, and cooperation. It can also help improve their communication skills!

  • It Promotes Physical Activity.

    Games such as tag, hide-and-seek, catch, etc., require physical activity and can be an excellent form of exercise, which is vital for a child’s growing body.

  • It Boosts Imagination and Creativity.

    Through play, your child can explore and discover new things, which can stimulate their developing minds and boost imagination and creativity.

  • So given such benefits of playtime for children, remember to let your child enjoy his childhood and learn and grow at the same time through playtime!

    If you seek play therapy for your child, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Ascend Beyond Pediatric and Family Therapy, the trusted provider of pediatric therapy in Riverside, California.

    Our services also cater to children with autism and other developmental delays.

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